Lazygoose USA

About Lazygoose USA:

Twenty years ago, Lazygoose was little more than a distant vision shared by Gail Fraser and Art Poulin when they each stepped away from their respective and quite separate paths, married, and together, began "Phase 2" of life that was framed by a shared commitment to three tenets - create, inspire, and connect - and anchored in the priority to follow their respective passions. As Art began painting and Gail writing, Lazygoose quickly became their journey and their destination, their brand, and the repository for their creative efforts that include the extraordinary portfolio of Art's folk art paintings, Gail's novels and digital collections. In addition to encompassing the tangible works from their efforts, Lazygoose USA now oversees international licenses in 18 countries, numerous world-wide strategic partnerships, and subsidiaries that support the mission and vision of their business. Although Art passed away several years ago, Lazygoose USA continues to grow in breadth and depth as more images are created, as more books are written, as new ventures are launched, and additional artists are brought into the fold.

About Gail:

Gail Fraser

Gail was born and raised in Rye, New York. She studied at the University of London before returning to Skidmore College where she earned her BA in English Education. She completed her MBA at the University of Connecticut, with graduate work done at Harvard University. Gail had a successful career in 'corporate America' holding senior executive and upper management positions in several Fortune 500 and start-up corporations, while working and living extensively throughout the world.

Shortly after getting married to folk artist Art Poulin in 1999, Gail stepped off the corporate track as an Associate Partner at Accenture, and began writing the acclaimed Lumby series in 2004, which includes The Lumby Lines, Stealing Lumby, Lumby's Bounty, The Promise of Lumby, and Lumby on the Air, all originally published by Penguin Random House. Lost in Lumby was the final book published in the series. Additionally, she and her late husband collaboratively wrote and illustrated Finding Happiness in Simplicity, hardcover Globe Pequot Press. Gail is currently working on a new series, the first of which should be released in 2023.

Gail continues her own graphic design work. Last year she launched the AMPoulin brand which, through meticulous remastering, further extends Art's legacy. Most recently, her WeeyBeey portfolio of whimsical images was rolled out for international licensing. Concurrently, Gail returned to her deep roots in pottery and has opened a professional ceramics studio in Colorado, where she lives. There, she continues her passions for golf, long-distance swimming, and is an active member in Mensa. In her off-hours, she manages her company, Lazygoose USA, and its foundation that canopies the collective artistic assets she and Art created over the years.

About Art:

Art Poulin

Born in Waterville, Maine, to French-Canadian parents, Art planned to join the order of the Brothers of Christian Instruction. However, music and art were a stronger calling. In 1975, he received an undergraduate degree in fine art and studio painting. Shortly thereafter, Art enlisted in the military and supported his country for 27 years of active duty as a tenor in the US Army chorus in Washington, DC, during which he had the honor to meet and sing for six presidents and their respective administrations, numerous world dignitaries, political leaders and entertainment personalities, regularly performing at the White House, Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, among other world-famous venues. Art was also a classical pianist and performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

In 2002, Art picked up a brush and returned to his passion of painting. Now considered one of America's foremost folk artists, Art Poulin painted timeless canvases of inviting landscapes that blend life's simplicities with Art's deep appreciation and knowledge of rural architecture. Art's unique focus resulted in gentle countryside scenes which embrace an allegiance to architectural accuracy, perspective and sophistication frequently lost in typical folk art. His love of art, music, and a gentler life drove his desire to pastoral paintings enjoyed by all generations and art collectors in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Art provided commissioned pieces to the US Army and Penguin Group Publishing and has had products selected by Universal Studios to appear on Fox Broadcast's House and offered as gifts in Paramount Picture's celebrity 'swag bags' for the Academy Awards. The strong following for Art's originals and limited editions is matched only by the growing demand for a broad spectrum of licensed products that include exclusive seasonal cards, calendars, puzzles, apparel, crafts, fabrics, and home and garden decor. His first book, co-written with his wife and author, Gail Fraser, is a hardcover entitled Finding Happiness in Simplicity published by Globe Pequot Press. A hardcover coffee-table book of his artwork, entitled America, is expected to be available in late 2022.

Art passed away in 2018, but his legacy lives on in both his artwork and the hearts of those who loved him.